Pre-Consultation Survey


1. Please read this Informed Consent Form. It details the process of Personal Inquiry as well as its Risks and Benefits. 

 At your Pre-Workshop consultation we will go over it, and you will have an opportunity to ask any questions or clarifications.

2. In the box below, please write a detailed description of the subject of your inquiry. If you need to, use the following prompts below which are based on your domain of inquiry. Please take your time with these prompts and be as detailed as you can. You can also email your detailed description to me directly instead of filling out the form below. 


Creative Blocks: 1) Is this creative block about a particular project or a general creative block? Either way, please describe the block and how long it has been happening. 2) Have you experienced creative blocks previously? Is this one the same or different? Please describe the sameness of the block or how the block is different.   


Dream Exploration:

Exploring/integrating/Unpacking an Experience

Life Transitions:

In-depth exploration of a particular topic: